About LLLT laser (Low Energy)

According to a survey by the National Health Commission, more than 250 million people in China have hair loss, which means one out of every six people have hair loss. There are also statistics showing that one out of every four adult males in China has hair loss, and most of them are men aged between 20 and 40, with the fastest development in their 30s.

Laser hair cap with 81 laser beams, scalp full coverage, high appearance level baseball cap design, only weighs 210g, anytime, anywhere hair treatment.

There are two core principles of LLLT development:

1. Block androgen from damaging hair follicles

Dihydrotestosterone, converted from the male hormone testosterone, is responsible for most hair loss. LLLT blocks the binding of DIhydrotestosterone (DHT) to hair follicle receptor (AR) and protects hair follicles from DHT damage.

2. Provide energy molecules ATP, ROS, and NO to reactivate hair follicles

Our hair follicles are divided into growing period, regression period and resting period. The laser hair cap adopts 650nm medical laser, which can accurately reach the root of 3-5mm hair follicles, activate the hair follicles in regression period and resting period, and let them re-enter the healthy growing period.

Using the same low-energy laser (LLLT) technology used by professional hair loss specialists and hair regeneration doctors, and further merging and optimizing decades of research on this technology, it is possible to effectively grow hair.

Low energy laser (LLLT) on their energy can be absorbed, hair follicle dermal papilla specificity of scalp tissue after low energy laser irradiation, the increased blood flow to the scalp, increased intake of oxygen, appear the phenomenon of metabolism to speed up, associated with hair growth, heparin enzyme cytochrome oxidase activity increased, the growth of nerve growth factor NGF plays intensity increased 5 times, The rapid transition of hair follicles to growth promotes hair growth, making existing thinning hair grow thicker and thicker.

Post time: Mar-29-2022